Would you like to get involved in helping to preserve Churchill Forge for future generations

In order to ensure that Churchill Forge is able to welcome visitors and tell its story, we rely on our teams of dedicated volunteers who give their time, knowledge and efforts for the preservation, understanding and story telling of the Forge. 

We are currently looking for volunteers to assist us in these endeavours in the following areas:

Preservation and Site Maintenance

The biggest part of our work is focussed on the preservation of the Forge. This includes maintaining and repairing the mechanisms, myriad of forging and shaping tools, the waterwheels and watercourses that give life to the site, and the buildings and site that we rely on to house everything. Essentially, if you can see it, touch it or hear it on site we rely on our volunteers to maintain it. 

If you can help us, whether handy with a hammer, shovel or screwdriver, or you are a builder, gardener or mechanical engineer, or anything in between, we would welcome your time and help. Please get in contact with us.


The Forge has a varied and interesting story to tell, which we learn more about every day. It is the story of the Forge that gives context to what is here, and why it is here, and as that story grows so does the increased importance of the preservation of the Forge to be able to continue to tell its story. If you can help us uncover and develop that story further, we would welcome your assistance. We would welcome any assistance whether you are a history student looking for an original and unique subject for a dissertation, an amateur researcher or historian to look at a different angle, or a professional who can help piece everything together as part of a bigger picture.

Welcoming, Stewarding and Open Day Assistance

Our open days and group visits are when we welcome the public to the Forge to show them and tell them the story of the Forge. In order to help us tell this story, answer questions and provide a friendly face we have a team who are on hand to help visitors and explain the history of the site. If you would like to join us in supporting our open days and assisting visitors, please let us know. We don’t ask for any specific skills, just a passion for history and to be good with other people.

Come and join us

If you feel you would have something to offer and would be interested in becoming a volunteer at Churchill Forge please contact us using the form on the Contact Us page for further information.