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A short film shot at Easter 2010 entitled “A Visit to Churchill Forge” showing the forge as it is today

A fascinating film shot in 1972 by Mike and Jane Field showing how the Forge operated and going through the whole process for making a ladle.

As this is 20 minutes long in total it has had to be split into 2 parts to go onto YouTube.

Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 hereOur thanks to Mike and Jane for their permission to post this.

A short cine-film (about 8 minutes) shot in 1964 showing the forge in operation. Not brilliant quality but a good chance to see Claude Bache at work. 

Some very short clips uploaded by Dr Paul Collins showing: a view across the sitethe smaller wheel turningthe big wheel crank and the wheel axle. 


A collection of 3D drawings of the forge, created by John Brandrick, which give a very interesting view of the how the equipment worked.