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Churchill Forge is owned by the Churchill Forge Trust Ltd, a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, and exists for the restoration, preservation and upkeep of the water driven forge known as Churchill Forge, for the benefit of persons resident in Churchill near Kidderminster and the public at large, such premises being of historical, industrial architectural and constructional interest.

Currently, the trust is led by six trustees, all of whom bring knowledge, skills and experience to the running and stewardship of the forge, and are supported by a team of dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers who assist with the day to day work and maintenance of the forge and its site.

Our Trustees

Adam Davison (Chair)

A great-nephew of Claude Bache, Adam became involved with the trust in the mid-1990s when he moved back to Midlands after working in the South-East and has been Chair of the trust since 2015. An IT professional by trade, he reluctantly admits to be being just about old enough to remember visiting the forge when it was still being worked as a business.

David Bache

Studied maths and computing at Cambridge University. On leaving university worked in IT, first in software development, then later in support for two large computer equipment manufacturers. I retired in 2014 and surprisingly have not missed IT. Got involved with the Forge on seeing an advert in the local paper looking for volunteers at ‘Bache’s Forge’. Since Bache, also my surname, is a very local name I went along to see if there was any family connection. There is nothing obvious so this might be a future winter research project, for when I am less busy!

Dave Galley

My working life was unambitious day to day factory working doing what was asked of me. Fortunately I never had to travel far and could concentrate on my home life and other interests. Volunteering at the forge satisfies some of those interests. It is in Worcestershire countryside (my county), and its energy comes from a watercourse. Rivers and canals are another interest.

I am drawn to its timeline of history in general but also its strong connection with its village through its connection with one family.

Bryony Hayward

Bryony Hayward is the grand-daughter of Claude Bache and grew up next to the forge. Some of her earliest memories are of her grandfather working on the site. She still lives in Churchill and following on from her parents Geoff and Pauline Hayward, she plays an important role in representing the Bache family on the trust and ensuring the continuity of her grandfather’s wishes for the forge to be preserved for future generations.

Andrew Le Hegarat

Andrew is a operations project manager for an environmental law charity based in London. He has been a trustee of the forge since December ’21, and was initially drawn to get involved because of the unique nature and heritage of the forge. 

Andrew has a keen interest in industrial heritage, and enjoys long distance walking in the countryside. 

Churchill Forge Trust Ltd

Registered company limited by guarantee, number 01554470

Registered charity, number 511381