Photograph Collection



A sub-set of the large collection of photographs of Churchill Forge in its heyday can be viewed by clicking on the image above. The full collection can be viewed on open days


Film Collection


A short film shot at Easter 2010 entitled "A Visit to Churchill Forge" showing the forge as it is today


A fascinating film shot in 1972 by Mike and Jane Field showing how the Forge operated and going through the whole process for making a ladle. As this is 20 minutes long in total it has had to be split into 2 parts to go onto YouTube. Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 here. Our thanks to Mike and Jane for their permission to post this.


A short cine-film (about 8 minutes) shot in 1964 showing the forge in operation. Not brilliant quality but a good chance to see Claude Bache at work. 


Some very short clips uploaded by Dr Paul Collins showing: a view across the site, the smaller wheel turning, the big wheel crank and the wheel axle. 


A collection of 3D drawings of the forge, created by John Brandrick, which give a very interesting view of the how the equipment worked.




Below is a list of other, related, sites which visitors to this site might be interested in. Suggestions for additions to this list should be emailed to:


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         Avoncroft Museum near Bromsgrove

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